Friday, May 2, 2008

Uruguay Tasting for Prostate UK at the Hoop Stock

Responding well to my treatment for prostate cancer, I have been very interested in the funding of research into this illness that is carried out by the charity Prostate UK. For a while now I have wanted to organise a wine tasting for this organisation so I was very grateful when my partner, Wink Lorch, suggested that she would like to host a tasting of the wines of Uruguay at a special event.

Michelle and Phil of the Hoop, Stock, kindly allowed us to use their upstairs restaurant last Monday, 28th April 2008 when 16 keen tasters came along to enjoy a selection of Uruguayan wines. As people arrived they were greeted with a glass of Catamayor Sauvignon, which went well with the smoked salmon, before sitting down.
I spoke about Prostate UK and then introduced Wink who took off with alacrity, sharing her knowledge and enjoyment of the wines of Uruguay and the winemakers, many of whom are now friends. Wink has visited Uruguay a number of times, as well other South American countries, and I was lucky to have accompanied her there a couple of years ago where I saw first hand how fond they are of her.
There were two more whites to try, then four reds before the evening concluded with a glass, or two, of the final red to accompany the light buffet.
With the raffle just over £400 was raised for Prostate UK. I am very grateful for everyone who attended this tasting, the wine producers of Uruguay, the Hoop and Wink. Have a look at Wink’s website Wine Travel Guides where you can subscribe to learn all you need to know how to visit the wine areas of France. You never know, before long there’ll be guides to Uruguay too...
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The wines (with my tasting notes):
APERITIF: CATAMAYOR Sauvignon Blanc Reserve of the Family 2006
Region de Origen San José, Bodegas Castillo Viejo
Crisp dry with a touch of lime.
1 BOUZA Chardonnay 2006 Las Violetas (available at Great Western Wine)
Unoaked, this refreshing wine is dry with very attractive minerality.
2 PRELUDIO Chardonnay Viognier Roble 2006 Region Juanico
Dry with quite expressive oak – the Viognier in the blend adds an extra layer of complexity to the Chardonnay.
3 DE LUCCA Tannat 2006
The first Tannat, the red variety of Uruguay – lots of juicy plump ript red fruits. No wonder the Wine Society sold out of this wine so quickly!
4 MARICHAL Pinot Noir/Tannat 2003 Canelones
Pinot Noir 70%, Tannat 30%
Deep colour, the rich full fruit of the Tannat is complemented by the gentleness of the pinot Noir. An unusual blend but it works well.
5 BOUZA Tannat 2004 Las Violetas (available at Great Western Wine)
Deep colour, the rich full fruit of the Tannat is complemented by the gentleness of the pinot Noir. An unusual blend but it works well.
6 GRAN BODEGON 2004 Region Juanico, Establecimiento Juanico
42% Tannat, 24% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc,
10% Merlot, 2% Petit Verdot, 2% Marselan
Definitely the total of this multi-blend wine is greater than the sum of its parts! Still on the road to full maturity one is assailed, pleasantly, by different textures and nuances.
WINE WITH SUPPER: PIZZORNO Merlot/Tannat 2005 Canelon Chico (available at Waitrose)
A lovely wine to complete the evening: good solid dark fruit flavours balanced by the gentle plumminess of the Merlot.

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