Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Au Clair de Lune

We'd just returned to Le Chinaillon where it was a delight to see the green mountains and valleys, complemented by
a few remaining patches of snow on the heights of the Aravis. And it was in the shadow of these mountains that we went to enjoy an evening en plein air, in La Clusaz.

The street lights and most of the other shop lights in the town centre are extinguished during the evening - the streets and squares are illuminated by myriad candles.

As dusk fell the entertainers started to wander the streets (here's un chuchotier whispering I know-not-what to a reveller), and the bands started to play. There were four in different locations, sufficiently distant from each other to avoid any cacophony!

We first joined the crowds listening to a Spanish trio but continued to the town square to reach the Blues band we were looking forward to see. And we were not disappointed! Indeed we watched their complete set - 1 1/2 hours.

All the way from Chicago they were Maurice John Vaughn, guitar, keyboards and vocals, and B.J. Emery, trombone and vocals.

The music was great with a fine selection including a song I'd not heard before, a very up-to-date blues: "Computers lost me my job"!

There was other entertainment as well with stilt walkers, one of whom did a very leggy jive in front of the band, and the fire eaters.

And what of the full moon? Although we 'danced by the light of the silvery moon' we never actually saw the full moon! Hidden be the Aravis we only got to see it when we returned home to Le Vieux Village, Chinaillon.

The next Balade au Clair de Lune in La Clusaz will be on Saturday 16th August 2008 - don't miss it!

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